Hey there!
I'm Bella Stouzy, the creative human behind my graphic design studio, Bouzy Design. Whether you're tackling a business problem or looking to spread some joy in your community, Bella is here to help. Let's drive imagination, creativity, and connection forward - together!

Design Experience
I've worked with various clients beyond the works presented in my portfolio. Many of these projects required me to design...

1. Brochures, one-pagers, and flyers
2. Event collateral and signage (from 8ft light boxes, 5-inch table tents!)
3. Digital & Print Ads (for website placements, social media, and newsletters/magazines)
4. Direct mailers & postcards
5. Web page layouts and content for Wordpress
6. White papers & Insight Reports 
7. Animations for video content (Titles, transitions, lower thirds)
8. Merchandise (company T-shirts, stickers, and stationary)...and more!

Overall, I'm a pretty well-rounded gal who can design just about anything if given the honors. Curious to see what I can design for you? Let's connect!
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